Blackstone Instruments develops and manufacturers instruments, diagnostics, and controls for oil & natural gas production.  Our primary emphasis is on upstream applications, typically within 1000 feet of the well head.

Our core technology is in Dynamic Pattern Recognition, which uses the dynamics of signals from simple sensors to determine the information of interest:  gas flow, liquid flow, operating state, equipment condition, etc.  To put it another way, our instruments listen to the well and produce an output you can use to improve production, maintenance and control.  For most applications, we use a single sensor that can be attached to an existing fitting on the pipe.

Another key area of expertise at Blackstone Instruments is in modeling of multiphase flows. Our modeling is "old school": we do not rely on "canned" commercial multiphase flow analysis programs, but instead develop our models from the ground up based on first-principles analysis and phenomenological correlations.  We combine our models with detailed analysis of well automation data to establish a ground truth that ensures our models match reality. This approach permits the model to be used in a different way than the major commercial packages, because the detailed dynamic behaviors of individual wells can be studied affordably. The result is far greater insight into the interactions that produce the behaviors we see in well operation, and the potential for improved production optimization and reduced operating cost.